Hands-on, effective and affordable China marketing solutions.


Hands-on, effective and affordable China marketing solutions.


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Marketing for results, not for show.

Most companies now realise the importance of WeChat for engaging with its Chinese target groups. But for most companies WeChat cannot stand alone, as in today's market it can be challenging to raise awarness of public WeChat accounts. For this reason most companies should consider a strategy engaging more online and offline channels, cooperation with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) etc.

At Shanghai Jungle we specialise in developing and implementing hands-on strategies for any budget. Our solutions are always tailored to the individual client, taking into consideration the industry, the exact target group and the client's current market presence. 

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Indispensable - and uncomplicated.

For most companies WeChat should be the core of its online marketing in China. But what exactly does this mean? While registering a public WeChat account is easy and relatively inexpensive, careful consideration must be given to both the fixed content on the account as well as to the ongoing storytelling. Moreover it is important to ensure that the account and layout is up to date with current developments and features: An account which was state-of-the-art 1-2 years ago will look outdated today.

At Shanghai Jungle we help you with all aspects of your WeChat marketing, to ensure that your account will always be of high quality and relevant for your customers.



There’s so much more.

China has a number of video channels of which two stand out as the most important. One is the Youtube lookalike channel Youku. The other is the extremely popular short-video (15 seconds) app Douyin. We strongly recommend that most clients utilise these channels in their online marketing.

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Still alive and still kicking.

While WeChat has grown to become the most popular app in China Weibo still remains highly relevant. The short stories and frequent updates differ markedly from WeChat and remains popular with users. Promotion of content on Weibo is also relatively inexpensive. For these reasons Weibo can be a highly efficient channel for raising awareness and - when done smartly - also to drive more users to your WeChat account. 



Use Key Opinion Leaders to market your product.

For most companies traditional advertisment is prohibitively expensive in China. So what can be done instead? Most companies work with so-called KOLs - Key Opinion Leaders, also known as online influencers or bloggers. In our experience KOLs can indeed provide great value marketing. However this is only the case if the cooperation is tightly controlled both during planning and implementation to ensure longer term impacts of any activitity.



A wealth of opportunities.

Much focus is often placed on creating and operating good accounts on WeChat, Weibo, Youku etc. This risks neglecting the enormous marketing possibilities available on already existing platforms, online fora, groups etc. Channels such as Baidu Tieba and Douban (roughly comparative to Reddit), Baidu Baike (Wikipedia-like encyclopedia) and industry-specific platforms offer great opportunities for raising awareness of your products or services with your exact target groups.

Client website


Make sure your China website really works.

The advent of WeChat has made it a lot less important for companies to operate a Chinese website. Nonetheless, for some entities having a Chinese website remains a priority. When this is the case it is imperative to ensure the quality of the website from the perspective of the Chinese target group. As a general rule this means that the Chinese website should be hosted in China (to ensure that it loads quickly and without errors) and that the content is in faultless Chinese. Too often neither is the case, and instead of engaging and impressing your Chinese customers the result is the very opposite.



All you need to know about China marketing.

Want to know about the latest trends in online marketing in China, learn about the social media platforms available to you, get to know the culture? All this and much more is coming to our new online blog.

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China at the centre of it all.

Shanghai Jungle was founded in 2013. The company is based in Shanghai and solely focused on helping western companies organisations and government agencies with their China marketing.

Our focus is mainly online marketing - but we also provide offline marketing, market research and related services. Our team consists of Chinese, German, Danish, Swedish and Czech nationals, which we believe enable us to both understand our clients and also the Chinese market. We currently serve more than 100 clients from 12 different countries.


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